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The future of work(place) must be an inclusive and equitable ecosystem that centers employee well-being, safety, and mental health at its core.

With so much uncertainty about the future of work, how can we ensure that what we create is human-centered?

A HOLISTIC WORKPLACE EXPERIENCE podcast brings together a diverse collection of thought-leaders across multiple industries and disciplines to discuss the state of work(place), share unique perspectives, and imagine what the future of work can and will be.

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Meet Eric

As the creative force behind the 'A Holistic Workplace Experience' podcast, Eric brings over twenty years of diverse professional expertise to foster insightful discussions on the multifaceted aspects of effective work environments.


Eric is fueled by an insatiable curiosity that drives his passion for innovation and transformative change. His background in the performing arts and Eastern Medicine has equipped him with the knowledge and skills for diagnosing core issues, crafting human-centric solutions, and helping individuals and teams strategically integrate practical solutions into their everyday lives.

Eric asks questions that go beyond the surface, leading him to explore what inspires people and what connects us, and asks how we can ensure the future of work is an equitable experience for all.


He believes that conflict is a catalyst for growth, challenges assumptions, and fuels innovation and should be embraced, not ignored. 

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Eric currently lives in Los Angeles, California, and consults companies on workplace strategy, space design, office operations, spatial analysis, team dynamics and communication best practices, brand strategy, and service design.


He's a theatre geek at heart, an A.I. neophyte, and music is his love language. 

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