The future of work(place) must be an inclusive and equitable ecosystem that centers employee well-being, safety, and mental health at its core.

With so much uncertainty about the future of work, how can we ensure that what we create is human-centered?

A HOLISTIC WORKPLACE EXPERIENCE podcast brings together a diverse collection of thought-leaders across multiple industries and disciplines to discuss the state of work(place), share unique perspectives, and imagine what the future of work can and will be.

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Eric Kerr, WELL AP 

With over 20 years of people-focused experience in the Performing Arts, Hospitality, Healthcare, and Tech, Eric supports and challenges companies to create healthier and more inclusive workplaces. Collaborating cross-functionally with workplace stakeholders (CRE, FM, EHS, IT, HR, DEI, etc.), Eric helps break down silos, spark communication and promote knowledge sharing to strategically create Holistic Workplaces that unify People, Place, and Technology.